Electric Trains + sound + light , รถไฟ , size :Diamter 7m.

Fun train sounds and lights 8 seats, rails size  7 M. รถไฟ 8 ที่นั่ง ขนาด 7X7 ม.

Kids and adults can play 4 bogies 8 seats : 80 kg weight limit /seat

Power 3 amp : ใช้ไฟฟ้า 3 แอมป์

To add colorful excitement  to everyone in party. We suggest that there are many sound and light . Also, speeds up and slow down can be adjusted to suit your needs. Could be time to run from one to five minutes and stop suddenly when needed. The rails are designed with extra low elevation, like running up and down the same did not run circles around others.
Sit together as a couple. Or sit with their parents to enjoy together. Suitable for children and adults of all ages will enjoy it.
Train with a stylish design. Header-led train and the seat of a tiger and a lion and pangman cartoon .

You will not be disappointed with the modern and fun for everyone, of course.

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