Water Balloon , บอลลูนน้ำ ,                                                        Pool size : 6x6m.;7x9m.;9x9m.;10x10m.

Let's enjoy walking, jumping, rolling and flipping on the water.

Water walking ball , is really a good new fashion of having fun! Think aobut that , you are walking on water , keep close with the fish, you run into it , you dance into it , you enjoy your life!
we use German water-proof zipper. You can stay in the ball for 30 minutes safely.

It can also used on stage , or a car displays
The water ball is for walking on water, for floating on water, its a float tank, a dance ball , a display ball for placing products inside and for use in show business productions, tv shows and for your own creative ideas.

Water walking ball is made from TPU. stonger than normal PVC. It comes with water proof, air tight zipper. Once it is inflated, player can stay inside and walking, jumping, rolling and flipping on the water Clothed.

Can we breathe inside the ball?
This waterballs have enough air volume inside for a normal person to breathe for a long time and we don' t need to refill it again with fresh air.

How Long can we stay inside?
For sunny day, you may need to refill fresh air every 15-20 minutes. For using at night, you may need to refill fresh air every 30-40 minutes.

How to change fresh air inside the ball?
Players can open the zipper a little bit and use a blower inside the ball to change fresh air.

Romantic Night inside the Loveball!!
You can spend a romantic night with your lover in the loveball and enjoy the romantic floating experience.

Great Fun in the rain!!
Perfect solution for fun even in the rain.

We are importers of the first in the country officially in 2007., is genuine.
Safe, non-toxic and hygienic. Service with a professional administrator.

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